7 Things I Do As A PT

Don’t you think it’s a great idea to replicate what the professionals do?

I love the quote:

“Eat Like A Nutritionist,

Train Like An Athlete.”

I’m a massive believer in practicing what you preach and I thought I’d share a few of my tips for building strength, tone and self discipline that anyone can do.


1. I Foam Roll Before A Workout

I’ve noticed that many people in the gym only foam roll after their workout. This is actually a tip I got off of Lauren PT Bellows and it makes so much sense.
Foam rolling before a workout is actually more important than doing it after. It releases tight trigger points, so you’re more mobile when exercising. Hence why when I try to beat my personal best running time of 5K it always makes a difference when I have rolled prior. And it doesn’t take long. A review in The Journal Of Strength And Conditioning Research found that 2 minutes of rolling can boost your range of motion. More motion means more calories burned. Woo hoo!! Why wouldn’t you?
I would suggest watching some YouTube videos or heading over to the Trigger Point Therapy website for extra tips on getting the most from your foam roller. I will be posting some tips soon too so keep an eye out.

2. I Make Sure I Have Post Workout Fuel In My Gym Bag

Anyone who knows me knows I get super HANGRY! Especially in the morning after a workout. To prevent anger management issues I make sure to have a tub of Protein & Oats in my bag or a protein bar. I run most mornings and it is essential that I replenish my muscles with plenty of carbs and H2O after each session. Preferably within 30minutes of working out.
This has also made a considerable difference on my running times as my body recovers better for the next day of training.

3. I Consume Extra Magnesium

I get the majority of my magnesium from tuna, spinach, avocado, nuts & pumpkin seeds. But you can up your magnesium levels from supplements, whole grains, pulses, seafoods & bananas. Magnesium helps release energy from the other foods I eat, it aids my muscles in contractions, as well as helping nerves to function & maintain healthy bones. I also read recently that it helps lower menustral pains. Always a bonus Ladies.

4. I Have A System

When I get home from a session each day I replace sweaty kit for fresh and make sure Fuel is prepped to go. I have everything I need for the next day set in my gym bag. When the alarm goes at 05.30 each morning I have no excuses but to grab my bag and go!

5. I Schedule Like A Lawyer

On a Sunday I set myself a workout plan & book onto classes for the week. I choose a target of how many sessions I want to do which does change each week because that’s life. Then I schedule in additional sessions. This allows me to cancel one or two when life gets crazy and I still achieve my goal.

6. I Switch My Screens Off At 21:00

Since having M.E. it is essential that I get a good nights rest for my muscles to rest and recover which I think is the case for everyone. I’ve noticed how much of a difference it makes. When I sleep soundly for 8 hours I feel replenished the next morning and always get the most out of my workouts. I’m more alert and can push my body to more extreme levels because it’s ready. By turning off my screens and not scrolling through social media at a late hour I am not getting #FOMO and I’m allowing my mind to settle and reflect on the day I’ve had. I also believe I get more from each day when I’ve had 30mins for myself to reflect on the days activities. This allows me to learn from that day to serve me in the future.

7. I Can’t Get Enough of A Good Deadlift Session

I’m not one to lift heavy but I am one to focus on mobility and body weight strength. Deadlifts are a smart exercise. It’s important you get the correct technique even when you’re a pro so I always suggest having a training buddy to watch and correct your form. It is a great compound exercise, that when executed correctly hits your glutes, hamstrings, calves, lower back, upper back, shoulders, quads and core. Due to it hitting so many of my muscles in one movement it is a cracking one for fat loss. Get ready for bikini season with the deadlifts ladies!!
I hope you find these useful tips! Do you have any weekly tips that help you get the edge in training?
Food For Thought
Sarah Ellen x

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