Daily Miracles

“All Kinds Of Miracles Happen When You Do The Best You Can.” Jim Rohn

Everyday is a fresh beginning and believe it or not if you don’t try your best then it erodes the psych, which effects your self esteem and the attitude you have towards your work ethic. This is why it’s so important to set a goal within health & fitness that is your own, because at the end of the day you have nothing to prove to anyone except yourself. If you want to achieve your dreams you have to take full responsibility for yourself, which starts with thinking about what’s really important to you and then committing your goals to paper. These goals need to be measurable so they can be reviewed and managed.
Comparing yourself to others on any level can hinder your performance and deflate your motivation. You start to worry about what others may be thinking and then your goal becomes about proving yourself to them and not achieving it for yourself.
You must keep in mind the reason WHY you began your journey?

Something I read in The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen has helped me stay focused on my own path;

“At the average funeral, I read, about ten people cry. I couldn’t believe it. I had to read the paragraph over again to make sure I’d gotten it right. “Ten people-thats it?! You mean I go through my entire life, spend years enduring all those trials and tribulations and achievements and joys and heartbreaks – and at the end of it, there are only ten people in the world who care enough to show up and cry?”

With this in mind maybe we should worry less about what others think and work on living our lives to the fullest without limitations?
Realizing these truths about life made my comfort zone grow and gave me courage.
The rare gems in this world who have had thousands mourn for them were the people willing to do what others were not.
People we erect statues for; Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Lincoln… Gigantic funerals held for those few people who spent their lives not worrying what others thought and knew their purpose in life.
If we can focus on doing our best everyday and let ourselves grow without worrying what others may be thinking, It could make a great impact on how our lives and the lives of others around us work out.
Food for thought.
Sarah Ellen x

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