Its coming onto a year since I sacked the white stuff!

One of the BEST decisions of my life!

It’s one of the main decisions I made after battling with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.). I knew quitting sugar had many health benefits but I didn’t realize to what extent it would help me regain my health and strength. I am now stronger, happier and fitter than EVER. I know quitting the white stuff has had a massive part to play in how good I feel.

The world is ADDICTED to SUGAR!

It is in everything that is processed nowadays and so that makes it a lot harder to quit unless you educate yourself on nutrition and you pay attention to what you are fueling your body with.

I will be sharing a lot more on CUTTING REFINED SUGARS in my blog.

There are so many health benefits and reasons to cutting down on refined sugars but to start with I wanted to share the top reasons WHY it was the right move for me:


  1. SEE YA MOOD SWINGS – Sacking sugar I found made me cranky for a fortnight or so while my body was adjusting. Once I had gotten over my addiction I felt better than ever. Many studies have shown that women who have a diet high in added sugars and refined grains are more likely to experience anxiety, irritability and mood swings.

  2. LOWERING MY CHANCES OF DIABETES – I have diabetes in both sides of my family so I believe I am massively lowering the risk of developing it myself by cutting down on refined sugars.

  3. SHEDDING A FEW EXTRA POUNDS – I had put on a few pounds from having M.E. which wasn’t a big deal but I felt extremely lethargic/sluggish. A diet high in sugar will cause your body to store weight. I noticed a lot more weight loss than I expected just from cutting out sugar. I noticed the weight loss significantly around my tummy. As the weeks progressed the weight kept on steadily falling off. I also noticed that I didn’t lose any muscle mass only fat.Β 

  4. GLOWING SKIN – Sugar is a known inflammatory that can cause breakouts. After three weeks of cutting down on refined sugars I noticed a considerable difference in my complexion. A lot of family and friends also noticed the difference.

  5. HELLO WELLNESS – Since cutting down on refined sugars not only have I felt less fatigued (which is a miracle after having M.E.) but I have also not been to the doctor or had any horrible coughs and colds. I know this maybe inevitable sometimes but eating a diet rich in sugars has an effect on your immune system, Lowering your immunity means you’re more likely to to get coughs and colds.

  6. A GOOD NIGHTS KIP – Since I stopped having sugar highs and lows throughout the day I started to sleep so much better. Which in turn allows me to train harder and be more productive in my waking hours.



I will be sharing my top tips & ideas for curbing sweet cravings, so you can go cold turkey too!

Keep an eye out.


Who else has cut down on refined sugars?


Sarah Ellen X

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