An Interview with the Sport Scientist & Coach behind Live Your Dreams


  Nick Hutchings is an inspirational coach and I am honoured to be able to feature him here on my blog.

In the past Nick and I have travelled, trained and experienced some mind blowing moments together! He has made a massive impact on my life, with being an amazing inspiration over the years through his positive mindset, work ethic, enthusiasm for life and ability to absorb knowledge and put it into practice.  

I hope you enjoy getting to know him a little better too…

“Mentally prepare then physically dominate.”

LYD Sports




Tell me a bit about yourself:

I have always been interested in sport since a young age and have played it all my life. As I grew older I focussed more on football and have played semi-professionally now for 15 years. I studied for a BSc in Sport Science at Uni, then a MSc in Sport Psychology and achieved BASES Accreditation in 2013. I am also a UEFA B football coach and have used these experiences to set up a Sports Coaching and Psychology business called LYD Sports.



What inspired you to start LYD (Live your dreams):

I want to help other people to Live Their Dreams and achieve out of life what they thought would never be possible. Through my experiences in sport and from travelling it has helped me to realise that with self belief and the correct guidance anything is possible and I would love people to say they achieved something because of the support they had from LYD.


Why do you think MindSet is important for success in any walk of life:

If you have a negative attitude towards yourself and people around you then the outcomes will always be negative. With positivity and self belief you will seek out opportunities that can help you to get what you want from life and attract the right people into your life.


Can you summarise your approach to MindSet:

Simply put

“everything happens for a reason”.

Whether it’s good or bad there is a reason for it and it’s up to you to accept it, figure out why it happened, if it’s a good thing repeat it and if it’s a bad thing change it.


How can LYD help other people:

LYD is passionate about helping people improve. As a sports Coaching and Psychology company we can help you with the way you think about your sport to adapt your mindset so you are better equipped to make strides forward. With the coaching we can provide skilled staff who will give you the training to help you improve and work towards your goals.


What would you like LYD to become in your wildest dreams:

A company many people look back on and remember as being a part of their own journey to greatness. I would love to have lots of success stories from people who we have worked with.


What is your favourite self development book and why?

I have read and listened to “the slight edge” many times. I think this book is great as it breaks down everything into the simple daily decisions that we make that can either lead us to success or failure.


What is your favourite quote and why?

On my bedroom wall I have a quote that says “fall seven times, get up eight” I love this as I firmly believe perseverance is the key quality to achieving success. If you want it bad enough it doesn’t matter how many times you fail you will achieve it eventually.


If you could go back and give yourself one bit of advice what would it be?

Listen more!!! I always thought the way to impress people is by what you say but you can learn so much from just sitting and listening. Make sure you spend time with people who have been successful in your field. Watch and listen to them.


What do you like most about being part of a team sport?

The bonds that you build with the players who are on your team. The feeling you get when you win and you are all together after the game knowing you have done a good job. If you are lucky enough to be part of a team that wins leagues/cups the feeling is incredible.


I think you will agree that it’s important to handle success/failure with the right MindSet. How do you handle good and bad performances?

I try to stay as consistent as possible in terms of my thoughts/emotions/behaviours. If I have a great game I don’t get carried away and if I have a bad game I don’t beat myself up. Prepare in the same way every game. You will naturally have the odd incredible or terrible performance but if you can stay consistent then you will do well.


Who was your favourite coach and why?

Sir Alex Ferguson is my favourite coach in the sporting world because I admired his longevity and the success he achieved. To have done what he did for such a long period of time was incredible.

Do you have a plan to get to your best focussed state.

I have a routine which I try and stick to before every game. I try to do things as similarly as possible so that it gets me ready mentally and physically for the match.


What are your future plans:

To continue my personal development so that I provide the best service to my clients in coaching and Psychology. It would be great to build the business and take on like minded people who are just as passionate about helping people achieve success.


What are your 3 tips for a great MindSet?

– Listen
– Observe
– Apply


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