Once a year Knowledge Is King organize a Leadership Event that can CHANGE your LIFE.



I had the privilege of attending it this year for the second time, I cannot put into words how much Dr. Tom exceeded my expectations. Dr. Tom has been a Hero of mine for many years:


“Dr. Tom Barrett is President of Business/Life Management, Inc. For twenty years he has specialized in working on Capitol Hill with members of Congress and with Corporate Leaders. He holds two Masters degrees and a Ph D. in psychology.” 


A man committed to a lifetime of bettering himself, growing and becoming the best at his craft.


I was asked last night what I got most from the event. This is a hard question when the two days make a BIG difference in so many ways.


I took different things from this event compared to when I attended the first time, 6 years ago. This time it differed because of my life experiences. The event gave me inner strength and cemented knowledge and purpose I already had.




I felt these ideas and reflections from the Leadership Event needed to be shared on my blog.

Here are 10 of the top lessons I learnt from Dr. Tom Barrett:


  1. The Power Of Vision – The journey to success is long. Having a vision gives you the edge, it allows you to keep your excitement high even when results aren’t coming in. It gives you strength to ride the storm. Life events and circumstances can sometimes hit you off course for your dreams. Having a vision and giving yourself permission to refocus will get your head back in the game. A personal vision will give you strength to keep your emotions in check until you cross the finish line. Do you have laser vision on your goals? Always work on celebrating and protecting your vision.

  2.  Keep It RIDICULOUSLY Simple – When times get hard remember the reason WHY you started. These are words I live by:

    “Keep your mind ridiculously clear.

    Keep your heart ridiculously optimistic.

    Keep your will ridiculously resolute.”

    Dr. Tom.

  3. The Art Of Being An Entrepreneur – an entrepreneur is someone who sets up a business. The art of this is enjoying every moment of the process, the entire journey. Learning to enjoy what is going on RIGHT NOW. An Entrepreneur has a RESILIENT will, they live in reality. I am grateful for where I am, thankful for where I came from and I am excited for where I’m going.

  4. Work Hard On Yourself – The consistent and persistent effort of working hard on yourself is essential. The monumental effect of hours upon hours of beating at your craft and becoming all that you can become will make you a hero. This lesson tied in with a favorite quote from one of my other all time heroes:

    ” Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job.

    If you work hard on your job you’ll make a living,

    if you work hard on yourself you can make a fortune.”

    – Jim Rohn

  5. I Am Worth It – Mindset is everything. It is essential to have self belief. Belief that not only  you have the capacity to achieve your greatest dreams and desires but also that you deserve it. Give yourself permission to DREAM BIG.

  6. Dr Toms’ View On Leadership

    “The most important PERSONAL GIFT you can impart is: PERSONAL BELIEF.”

    “The most important ATTITUDES you can impart: A CLEAR MIND & A LIGHT HEART.

    “The most important LIFE SKILL you can teach: THE ABILITY TO FOCUS. (Focus on one course until SUCCESSFUL).”

    “The most important HABIT you can teach: DISCOVER THE POWER OF ASKING QUESTIONS.”  

    “The most important MINDSET you can teach: LEARN TO LIVE IN A RESOURCE STATE.”

    “The most important thing LEADERS NEED in private: TIME TO THINK.”

  7. Change Your Words, Change Your World – Dr. Tom made me aware of the impact my words have on the world. I want to fill my world with positivity. To do so I need to be aware of what and how I say things in my daily interactions, whether that be chatting to a friend on the phone or writing an email. The power of my words count. I am learning to be more observant and take time to see what is really going on around me, this is a work in progress.

  8. Authenticity Is Key – I work hard on living authentically, we must break away from the crowd with our own passion and authenticity. Be honest and genuine always. Wisely encourage people, give yourself permission to find your voice and speak with authority, conviction and enthusiasm. Pay attention to your inner world because that reflects outwards into the world. Live and serve with a strong will. However successful you become don’t let your humility slide. I try daily to be present with myself and with others to celebrate and listen, to be aware.

  9. Consistent Effort – Give it enough time working at your craft, this inturn will develop change. Perseverance shows your true personal toughness. Remember your WHY always.

  10. The Power Of Curiosity – A mindset of curiosity is when we are relaxed and open. Creating an atmosphere of curiosity can make a difference and you begin to learn more. Always ask smart and sincere questions then you will learn in the moment and you begin to grow authentically.



My Favorite Quotes from the Event:

“Excellence is developed in private, Excellence is demonstrated in public.”


“Either you will learn to manage your thoughts or your thoughts will manage you.” 




“Take ownership of your life and your future.” 













P.S. Lets not forget:



Carpe Diem

Sarah Ellen x

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