An Interview With Personal Development Coach Sharon Bott Part 1.

It fills me with utter delight to introduce you to a Sunbeam, Sharon Bott, a special lady that blows my mind. As you read Sharon’s responses to my questions, you’ll understand why she’s such an inspiration to myself and many others.


There’s a lot to be learnt from Sharon, a Mastered Life Coach, Personal Mentor, DNA Light-Up TM Trainer, Presentation Skills Coach, Keynote Speaker, Communications Consultant, Network Marketer, Professional Actor and Voice-over Artist as well as
a Writer and Producer of corporate videos! WOW!


Sit back and soak up her thoughts, wisdom and ideas on Mindset…..



1. Please tell me a bit about yourself?

I’m a wife, mum, daughter, actor, network marketing professional and life coach (or Light coach as I prefer to call it – my main focus now is delivering what are called ‘Light-Ups’ – see


Like most women, life can feel like spinning a LOT of plates – and I used to regularly feel overwhelmed, stressed, exhausted, guilty … generally ‘not enough’. So I decided to view it differently and practise what I preach. As Wayne Dyer so beautifully put it:

‘When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.’

Instead of talking/thinking about all those spinning plates (which always felt as if they were about to drop and shatter) I imagined them instead as making up my ‘portfolio career’. From this internal portfolio (I imagine it like a beautiful soft leather briefcase with gold embroidery) I just pull out whatever I choose to give my attention to at that moment, knowing that everything else is safe and just waiting for the perfect time for my attention.

It works a treat!






2. What inspired you to become a life coach? 

I’ve been fascinated by personal development for as long as I can remember, curious about how we ‘work’ as humans, why some people are happy and effective and other people … well, not so much. Reading, studying, exploring both the neuroscience and the ‘woo woo wafty bollocks’ has always run parallel with everything else I’ve done in my different careers and stages of life. I’ve picked up various qualifications along the way, in counselling and coaching, and started practising proper as a life coach about fifteen years ago. I trained to deliver ‘Light-Ups’ early in 2016, because the process had quite simply changed my life and I was excited to share it with others. I’ve always believed that each of us has the own answers inside – we just have to learn to answer the right questions in order to access our own inner wisdom. My job as a life coach/activator is simply to help people reconnect with themselves and re-member who they are, maybe sharing a different perspective or two along the way





3. Why do you think mindset is important for success in any walk of life?

The minds is extraordinary. It doesn’t rule us – and it’s an incredibly powerful and obedient servant. It operates rather like Google, constantly sifting through vast amounts of information (supplied by our senses and stored in our unconscious) in order to answer whatever questions we are asking. It doesn’t judge, it doesn’t censor. So it’s incredibly important to be focusing on the right things and asking the right questions! For example, if I’m saying to myself ‘Why does this always happen to me? Why am I so rubbish at this?’ then our mind will obligingly sift through all the evidence to remind me why. And I end up feeling ten times worse, and the very opposite of resourceful and inspired. If, on the other hand, I ask ‘How can I do better at this? What could I do differently?’ then my mind will, just as obligingly, offer up all sorts of other options.

I’ll be feeling motivated, empowered and IN ACTION.





4. How would you explain a growth and a fixed mindset and why is it important to know the difference?  

It all comes down to our fundamental belief about learning and intelligence. If we believe that we were born with a finite amount of intelligence and talent, then we’ll be pretty careful to stay within the limits of what we know we can achieve. We’re unlikely to take risks (because we might fail) and we’ll avoid feedback (because we interpret it as criticism). If, on the other hand, we believe we can get smarter if we put in the time and effort, then we’re more likely to take risks (because we’ll learn more that way) and we’ll welcome feedback (because that way we’ll learn even more). After all, we now know that the brain is plastic – it changes with our experiences. Whether we are predominantly fixed or growth mindset has little to do with our genetics and pretty much everything to do with the environment in which we operate and the choices we make.




Next Monday I’ll be sharing Part 2 of this enlightening interview.

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Have a great week!

Sarah Ellen x

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