An Interview with Master Personal Trainer James Isaac

It is my pleasure to have this weeks blog post featuring a guy that inspires me,

James Isaac

Committed to continually becoming better at his skills in helping others improve their lives through education and motivation in Human Movement.

I hope you all enjoy this motivational interview with James as much as I have…….



Tell me bit about yourself

 I’m a Personal trainer at David Lloyd Poole, and have been a Master Personal Trainer for the last two years. My specialities in training are Human Movement, Low Back Pain and sports specific conditioning.

What inspired you to become a Personal Trainer?

I started my personal training journey over 5 years ago. I’ve always loved sport of all kinds really growing up. But when I started going to the gym and seeing results in myself, I just wanted to share that with as many people as possible and help them reach their full potential.

Do you have a fitness philosophy?

My fitness philosophy is to help people continue doing what they love, help them do it better, and help them do it for longer.

Why do you think movement is so important?

I think movement is important for the previous answer. If people can move better, then they can do the things they love for longer, such as enjoying time running around the garden with young family, or breaking personal records in the gym! It can also help prevent injuries and potential illnesses such as obesity and diabetes.

You teach & train in ZUU, how did ZUU change your view on movement and training?

ZUU changed the way I prescribed exercises to people, not only did I learn some awesome and difficult movements. I learnt how to align my skill set with an individuals purpose, I learnt how I can get the best results and find the appropriate entry point for children, everyday people and elite athletes using movement and ZUU to help benefit my clients and anyone who would listen!


FullSizeRender 17

How do you keep clients inspired to keep moving?

I simply ask them WHY they exercise, sometimes people just need a little reminder of their purpose, if they know WHY they are training, the way they do it is quite easy really.



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What is your favorite fitness book?

Becoming a supple Leopard – Dr. Kelly Starrett is my favourite book, but I’m more of a listener than a reader to be honest, I get online coaching from Nathan Helberg the creator of ZUU and I like tuning in to Functional Patterns – Naudi Aguilar and Ben Coomber at Body type nutrition from time to time.


If you could go back and give yourself one piece of training/fitness advice what would it be?

Different people like different things, you need to prescribe exercise to people appropriately, some people prefer the more traditional style of training, some prefer the more progressive type of training and some like abit of both! Otherwise your clients will never really enjoy their training, and if they don’t enjoy it, they’re probably going to tell other people that they don’t enjoy it, which isn’t good for your street cred. I myself am a Hybrid Trainer!

How would you inspire somebody to start a fitness program?

Simply just align my skill set with the persons Goal! And help them find a goal which is motivated internally for themselves and not externally for anyone or anything else.


What are your 3 top tips to succeeding?

1. Keep learning

2. Keep an open mind

3.Remember WHY you entered the fitness industry.


Social Media Handles:

IG: @james1saac
FB: James Isaac

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