My Story

I’m a Personal Trainer and Designer from Dorset on a mission.

My aim is to inspire as many people as possible to grow everyday and pursue their dreams. To enable them to develop & change their lives using positive mindset & self education.


Shot By Andrew Potter

 I’m proud to have already helped ladies change their lives with fitness and health regimes, but now I want to help more people change the way they think, to become stronger, happier versions of themselves.

How did all this begin?

To give you an insight into the main reasons why I feel so strongly about what I believe is my purpose in life. Its best to start from the beginning, I was a child that tried my utmost at everything, wanting to make the best of every situation. But as many people in the world I was not really sure as to what I wanted from life, what the direction I wanted to go in. It wasn’t until a fluke job opportunity came up with Virgin Active Health Clubs I felt the intuitive pull towards helping other people. I immersed myself into the study of anatomy and physiology of the body, achieving my Level 3 in Personal Training with Certificates in Pre & Post Natal training and Group Exercise.
Being passionate about health, happiness and entrepreneurship, I built my Forever FIT Crew business alongside my full time Personal Training job at Virgin Active Dorset. Encountering the struggle as a passionate Personal Trainer, where you continually exchange your time for money, capping your earning potential as you are limited to how many clients you can help in a week. I learned the hard way about self doubt and burnout, and made many mistakes along the way.
In February 2016 I experienced one of the most challenging periods of my life, with continuing symptoms of muscle fatigue and exhaustion I was diagnosed me with M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) also known as CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). I was told there was no “cure” and all I could do was rest and wait. For an active person who was used to living life to the full, traveling extensively, and training round the clock with clients my body gave out and I was house bound for 3 months, Eventually, I was able to gradually return to work, whilst building my strength. It was the most debilitating experience that made me realize how much I had always taken for granted. I am so grateful to have such supportive friends and family through this period of my life. The experience allowed me to gather strength, put my positive self development practices to work, and understand what it means to heal from the inside out, and pick yourself back up and get back out there. After a while I also realized that I can harness the experience of what happened to me, I now know what it is to hurt but then be healed. That is a door to something that I hadn’t had before and that is empathy. Learning from the hard times provides so much value and I know I have been blessed with a depth of different life experiences to allow me to serve and teach in the most powerful way possible.
At the beginning of my road to recovery in May 2016 I had a discussion with a dear friend in the gym and this  was a turning point in my life, I decided to explore my options to take my education in a different direction, to be able to share and help more people with the knowledge I had learnt using a different medium. I applied for a course in BA (Hons) Graphic Design and by June 2016 I had been accepted into Solent Southampton University.
By the time I started my degree in September 2016 I was 100% over Chronic Fatigue, however as expected had lost much of my fitness levels and strength. And so began to practice what I preached to my Personal Training clients. I changed my diet to cut out all refined sugars, I took good care of my body better than I ever have and in 6 weeks I was utterly amazed by the difference my daily disciplines in mindset, fitness and nutrition had made. Cementing my goal to inspire more people to FEEL THIS GOOD!


I have completed my first year of university and I’m thrilled by the amount I have learnt in such a short space of time within design. Rome wasn’t built in a day but I am enjoying the journey to inspire more people.
Through the skills I am learning within design it is my DREAM to make an impression on a larger audience, specifically how people view themselves regarding fitness, nutrition and mindset.
I want to influence others with my values and philosophy through my designs and work. My website portfolio is dedicated to empower everyone to have a dream and anyone out there who is also chasing their dream no matter what they have been through.

I want to shine a light with my work on our ability to learn and grow in every moment.

Whether you are starting a new fitness journey or looking to expand your journey within personal growth, its time to get to work.

Carpe Diem

Sarah Ellen x