Personal Trainer & Group Instructor

Specializations Functional Training Fitness & Weight Management.


With a background in dance, I have a passion for applying my experience of helping clients develop lean muscle and healthy joints.
I approach my own training with patience and resolve and bring the same attitude to my clients.
I have developed my skills to set realistic short term & long term goals & plan effective fitness programmes for individuals & groups to achieve them. I have had to educate, motivate & coach clients to help them follow their programmes safely & effectively.
As a successful Personal Trainer I believe it is essential to have determination, good people skills, enthusiasm to motivate & inspire others on a daily basis. It has been vital for me to have a good attitude towards health & safety. My knowledge of anatomy & physiology has grown so much that I’m happy to train any individual in any environment. Going the extra mile has always been important to me, so I am contactable to my clients out of session times to give advice on health, nutrition & lifestyle changes to aid them towards reaching their goals & so they feel supported. I believe it is essential to regularly check & record clients’ progress.
Photo Shot By Robyn Katie